McKinsey&Company - Next Generation Women Leaders Event

McKinsey invites female students (graduating no later than in 2020) and professionals with fewer than 8 years of experience based in Europe, the Middle East and Africa to join us for our Next Generation Women Leaders event in Paris.

We passionately believe in developing outstanding female leaders. We do so every day, internally and with our clients.

Take the next step in your leadership journey and apply to our Next Generation Women Leaders event, to be held May 24-26 in Paris.

Application deadline: March 8, 2019.

You will be asked to list up to 2 offices or practices which you would like your application to be reviewed by. We ask that you choose locations to which you have strong ties (e.g., you have lived, studied, or worked) as well as locations for which you are fluent in the local language(s). If you choose an industry or functional practice, make sure you have relevant experience.
The selection of offices you choose for this event does not limit your future location options should you apply for a position at McKinsey.

To apply, submit the following documents: 

Your office/practice preferences define which academic transcripts are required. Transcripts do not need to be in English.

Africa, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden require academic transcripts from high school onwards.
Italy, Russia, Switzerland require university transcripts.
For any other offices, academic transcripts are optional, but please include relevant grades in your resume.
Your resume (in English) should include details of your education and grades, work experience and any extracurricular activities and achievements.

Cover letter
A cover letter (one page maximum, in English) should include a paragraph about your most notable accomplishment and a paragraph describing how you would benefit from attending the event.

Before submitting your application, please make sure you have uploaded all of the relevant attachments. We are not able to process applications missing transcripts, cover letters or CVs.

Please do not submit more than one application. If you wish to make changes in your application or submit missing documents, email: next-generation-women@mckinsey.com

McKinsey will cover accommodation and travel costs to Paris from locations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.