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Non linear analysis for noise characterization for Advanced Virgo project
The Virgo interferometer is the most sensitive gravitational wave detector built in Europe. It was realized in partnership between the French and Italian institutes CNRS and INFN. It involves a wide collaboration of almost 200 scientists and engineers. In the next months the machine will be deeply modified to give birth to a new generation detector called Advanced Virgo (AdV) that will use improved mirrors, higher laser power and signal recycling techniques in order to ensure the first direct detection of GW signal. 
The EGO consortium (European Gravitational Observatory) is responsible for the operation of the detector and is also involved in the design and construction of Advanced Virgo and its noise characterization. 
The preparation for noise detector analysis is fundamental also in this preliminary phase.
In this frame, we propose an internship to work on data analysis for the noise characterization of the future detector on real and simulated data.
In the past scientific runs we found non linear coupling in the interferometer which make the noise analysis difficult. It is important to develop and test new algorithms for the non linear analysis which will be used for Advanced Detectors characterization.
The work will be done on real data of past scientific runs where there was evidence of non linear coupling and on ad hoc simulated data.
Practical aspects:
This internship will be carried out in the EGO DNA group on the site of the Virgo interferometer. Considering the lack of public means of transport to reach the site, it is preferable having a car. The duration of the internship should be 4-6 months.
Applicant Profile:
Applicants should have a university degree in astrophysics, physics or computer science with experience on signal processing or telecommunications engineering. English required.

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